Natalie {Idaho Boudoir Photographer}

Working with gorgeous, fun, & confident women kind of makes me want to get on the other side of the camera....maybe one of these days before I get too old ;)

This session was so much fun. Natalie was a natural, both in beauty and poise. She's been modeling for a year now and obviously needs to move to the "big city" to start conquering the modeling world.

The late afternoon sun complimented her very well, as you will see. I blinded her a couple times as well as myself. We saw the biggest beetle with pinchers the size of its' head and ran the other way. I pulled days old dried up animal poo out of her hair....and we both left with sand in our clothes.

It was fun. It was beautiful.

There was not one bad photo in the bunch, and I had a difficult time weeding out the ones I wanted to post. All of them were very "post worthy". I think I may have spent the same amount of time processing these fabulous images as well as deciding which ones to post.


Boybarian Dad said...

What a great shoot and such a beautiful woman.

I think you both need to move to the big city. Job well done again my friend.

B Dad

Boybarian Dad said...

Since you said a comment or two, I thought I would leave another. :)

These ROCK the house my friend.

B Dad

Bree said...

Holy crow woman! She is gorgeous, and I think that B dad is right... you BOTH need to head to the big city. You rock!

Tim and Amber said...

I totally agree with the previous comments! you need to get to a bigger city! AAHHHH!!! theses are awesome!

Keeley said...

Beautiful work and one hot lady!