Shante. {Idaho Boudoir Photographer}

Busy, busy, busy...that's what I've been doing lately. Between outings with the kids, cooking, cleaning, camping, and more cleaning; today I cleaned up a slimy mess of a 18 pack carton of eggs that were thrown, chucked, rolled, and smeared all over our stairs. Thank you my little terror of a boy. Our swimming pool was growing funky green swamp things and I now stink of stank swamp...I managed to fit in a photo session..and it felt good.

I'm sitting here in dire need of a shower, maybe with a little bleach, but can't help myself as I have some beautiful images to show. Shante and I met at Palisades Park and we trekked down to the lake and around a bend, through the rocks, and swampy grass. The weather was perfect at high noon. A nice thin cloud cover...my natural diffuser. Shante and I both get a bit freaked out with fish nipping at our feet...and I absolutely freak out when my toes touch seaweed....ask my husband.


Bree said...

WOW! Gorgeous!

Boybarian Dad said...

These are wonderful. I can't believe you were able to keep your calm for any photoshoot after cleaning up eggs on stairs, lol.

Great work my friend.
B Dad