THREE. {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

February 20th, 2007.

I was scared to death that day. Scared because I was being carted up to the maternity ward in the hospital, scared of the memories of my first labor. The exhaustion, mental and physical, and the pain endured afterward. Ya, probably not the best topic to discuss to the world, but I just want to say that this time, it was a breeze. None of this pushing for 2 hours and talk of forceps to get the baby out. 15 min. of pushing, and voila! A healthy baby boy.

These days, my little man has made up for having such an easy, uncomplicated labor. He is very quick to tell me, "no!" or run a muck breaking things...essentially, he's a typical "boy" who keeps me on my toes and definitely has made me learn the importance of patience.

But I sure do love him, and wouldn't change him for the world.



Why Hello. Yes I am still here.

Winter. Cold and long. I've been keeping warm within these four walls practically living like a hermit. I adore warmth...maybe a bit too much in my older years, or enough so that I refuse to play outside anymore. My kids tear it up in here and I am right behind them cleaning it all up.

So that's my winter life in a nutshell. Very much looking forward to Spring. Warmth, sun, life.

Today was a stay indoors kind of day with the kids sick and leaking gross bodily fluids out of their nose. I set up my mock studio thinking I was going to take a few shots of them, but to my dismay, all they wanted to do was sit in front of the tube and veg.

So I used myself. I needed a few new images of me so why not? I definitely got my workout running back and forth to the camera. Many shots were taken, many were deleted. I did manage to keep a handful.

Here's me. New look, same girl.



Live out Loud.

My husband has always lived by his motto, Live every day to it's fullest.

Every day he wakes up, goes to work, and comes home after a long, sometimes frustrating day with a smile on his face and arms wide open for the kids to run into and be smothered by,
and every night there is always room and time for him to wrestle and play with the kids even if his arms are dead weights, or if he's mentally exhausted.

Always room for fun and love, no matter what.

I believe in living each day as if it's your last, but last night I had a deep down, in your heart and soul reminder of how much we need to literally live each day as if it is your last....
last to breath, last to hold your kids in your arms, last to kiss your spouse, last to feel the warmth of the sun. 

I really hate crying in movies. I keep my emotions inside, hide them. Mainly sad ones, hurt ones, vulnerable ones.  It's who I am, I can't wear my emotions on my shoulder. 
But I couldn't hold them in last night. This movie forced all the emotion out of me.

Every emotion released. Anger, happiness, sadness, loneliness, and spiritual-ness. The reminder that in all that happens in my life, God is in control. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.
Good or bad, happy or sad...all is in control, not chaos. Everything happens for a reason, God's divine reason, and I fully trust in him.

No matter what.

So question:  "Do YOU live each day to it's fullest? Like it's your last? Last kiss, hug?"


My visual bookmark.


Translate: show me how to do something, 'cuz if you try to just say it in words, I'll more than likely not understand and ask a bazillion questions. Which leads me to say how much I admire using my "visual bookmarking" site to gather and collect everything I see that inspires me and draws me to it. We Heart It, or more so, I Heart It. When I need inspiration, all I do is go back through my collection of images and get re-inspired all over again. 


FloraBond {Idaho Photographer}

I'd like to think of myself as a fashionista....but maybe not in my sweatpants and comfy's. I'd probably pass more for a "shop in the loungewear section" kind of gal, but that doesn't mean I don't know fashion. ;)  I just like to be comfortable while chasing a 2 yo little boy around. I actually studied fashion design straight into my first year of college...then thought better of it. Meaning there was a 99.9% chance I was going to be stuck in a department store in a mall for a long time. I abruptly changed my degree that next year.

I love fashion. I love art. I love original. AND I LOVE that Florabond's home base is in my hometown. Nicole-owner, designer, artist extraordinaire, creates these pieces from real vintage fabrics and jewelry. EVERY piece is original, handmade, and beautiful.  Nationally known, but locally little known, Florabond is an internet based company through Etsy, which is a site that caters to small businesses selling goods made from human hands. It's a storefront. It's a shopping cart. It's a new movement. Their motto:  "Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade." 

I had the privilege of taking some product shots fo
r Florabond. A great location, stunning models, and fantastic was awesome.

We shot 3 different handmade, original necklaces and one hair piece. Amazing stuff. Check it out.

 I know fashion or what! Gotta agree with me on these handmade vintage pieces. Amazingly gorgeous, modern, hip decorations for the female bod.