Mrs. H {Idaho Boudoir Photographer}

Mrs. H, who also happens to be one of my best friends, needed a creative, lasting, & unexpected present for her husband on their anniversary. For a man who has everything he needs and wants, these killer portraits will make a nice, sexy appearance in a personalized album...created just for him.

We had a 20 min. window to work before the sun went down, so it was FAST. A second session is planned where we won't be dodging wild animals, prickly weeds, or men on 4-wheelers....although it made for an adventure.

There is nothing more fabulous than a woman who is confident in showing off her body, personality, and style.


Bree said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the air of confidence about her. I'll bet her husband just dies over these!

Anonymous said...

Really great to see an normal size woman with such great confidence. Even though you said you had to rush to get the photos before the sun went down, it sure paid off. The sunset lighting makes these photos looks spectacular. The way the light is hitting her body is so beautiful, alluring really.