Bonsai!!!!!! {Idaho Photographer}

A few months ago, my hubby found an abandoned bonsai tree and tried to revive it with love and affection. Much to his dismay, our little man was quite fond of it the point of uprooting it, twice. After the second time, we had to say our goodbyes as it wasn't pulling through. The hubs was sad....this was not his first attempt at raising a bonsai.

The coolest thing happened. There was a man with a very nice display of bonsai trees parked on a corner lot. There were trees 5o years old and older! Amazing little things. I stopped and chit-chatted with the nicest, sincerest man in town that day. I believe he is the only other Korean I've met and talked with since I've lived here. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. We Asians are pretty far and few between here in Idaho. Anyway........I was in the market for a bonsai for the hubs for father's day, and this man just happened to be in my path...from California.

We ended up with one free, 40 year old bonsai tree(value $150-175), $40 worth of plant food, and 12 bonsai planters, compliments of the bonsai man. We couldn't just take the free stuff and run so we ended up purchasing another 40 year old tree and the hubs helped him wire his trailer lights and gave him a pot he had made while studying with a master potter in Colorado. (That's another story).

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. Without further ado, our marvelously grand bonsai trees!

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