John {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

Growing up on a farm in rural Montana kind of ruined the whole John Deere tractors "fashion", out on the city streets these days. Everywhere I go, there's someone with a piece of John Deere attire plastered on their body. Hats, shirts, shoes, yada, yada, yada. I've had enough "tractor" seeing in my life.

I grew up on a wheat farm with John Deere tractors, Big Bud tractors, Caterpillars, Peterbilts, combines, Makita tools, and Ford trucks. While all that is pretty cool, I don't see the fashionability of John Deere attire on city folks who've never sat in one let alone been near a tractor of any sort. I personally wouldn't ever sport them....I practically slept by them most my life. But.........

I recently acquired a sewing machine and decided I wanted to make a little sundress for my little girl. I saw the cutest fabric which reminded me of growing up and of my father. Yup, I snatched it up and paid for all one yard of it and beamed from head to toe. The next day, I had created a piece of art....yup, art. Of course I had to do a little photo shoot to show off my skillz....well, at least these sewing skillz are slowly getting there....slowly. Mind you, I haven't sewn in about 7+ years.


Tyra said...

so dang cute! You go girl! Where is this awesome feild?

Boybarian Dad said...

These are gorgoeous. I love how soft and peaceful these images are.

Love it.

B Dad