Ash. {Idaho Boudoir Photographer}

This lady is moving overseas soon, and I was able to help her get her modeling portfolio started. We weren't allowed a whole lot of time to work together, but we got some great stuff. I can see potential.

Can you see it?

This is my FAV.

My ten year reunion is this weekend, so I'll be heading to good ol' Montana tomorrow and won't be back until Monday evening. YIKES! 10 years....good times and great friends is what I'm looking forward to. :) ta, ta!


Bree said...

I meant "I love the last shot" not show! Sorry. My bad!

Bree said...

ooooh.... I love the last show as well. But, they're all awesome, and she's gorgeous! Great job - per usual! ;)

Boybarian Dad said...

What a great shoot and I agree with Bree as well, that last shot is awesome dude.

You're rock'n it girl. :)

B Dad

Anonymous said...

She needs to lose a lot of weight and stop sucking in her cheeks/puffing out her lips if she ever wants to make it into modeling. She could be a pretty girl, but she looks really trashy right now.

The photos though are AMAZING. Just stunning. I love the use of everything in the shot. Every single thing looks like it was set up there, and meant to be. You seriously need to pack up and move to New York to shoot models, because you don't have potential.. you have it!

Jen Olsen said...

Thanks Anonymous! *smile*