No direction needed.

Seriously. Jourdan posed, reposed, and looked so natural and comfortable as a camera was stuck on her the whole time. Oh, and I won't forget to mention that she's never done any modeling, zilch, none. Amazing, huh? I told her what I was looking for and she implemented my vision so easily right before my eyes. Now how absolutely awesome is that? All I did was click away and try not to get soaked in the creek. :) We had a ton of laughing going on as she watched (and I experienced) my amazing skills dodging water, tree branches, and ungrounded rocks slipping under my feet. Amazing enough, I didn't fall in........yet.

Can I tell you again how sweet and genuine she is? A fantastic person.

I told you she had some fantastic shots! One more post tomorrow! :)


♥ Spoiled Mommy ♥ said...

Girl, your pictures are amazing!!!

Boybarian Dad said...

Your images rock the house. Too bad someone didn't photograph the two of you carrying that chair over the creek, through the rocks on the way to grandmas house.

Can't wait to see tomorrows pics, awesome girl.

B Dad

Cathy Crawley said...

Jen, I am loving the pink chair in these! I have a penchant for chairs, so of course I was going to love these :) Beautiful work!

kate said...

I love your use of the chair in these!