Sacrifice & survival.

It was an obstacle trying to get my shots dodging the creek and rocks and ice chunks. But what better workout?, besides chasing after my kids :) I was so impressed with myself as I straddled the creekbed only inches from the water and not getting my bum soaked in it, holding tree branches down with my feet as I try not to let them slip out and whip across my face, meticulously placing my feet on the rocks and not getting my feet wet. I did pretty well I think.....

....until I misstepped and in went my foot totally engulfed in the creek up to my ankle. Yup, wet, cold, and squishy it was down there for the remainder of the shoot, and if that wasn't enough (it's these things that make a story interesting) I was creeping backwards while my eyes were concentrated on Jourdan and the scenery around her and I stepped on an ice patch and smack to the boulder I went. I am completely amazed my face didn't kiss it, but my camera sure did. It was, for a second, horrifying, hearing the sound of plastic hitting rock.

I did it. I busted my first lens. But I had a blast and am very happy with the results of it's sacrifice. The camera is perfectly fine. My body is amazingly working normal, and everyone came out alive from our venture. :) And I got to replace my lens with a newer, better one thanks to my hubs :)

Jourdan was up for anything, I mean anything. Here's how one extreme preparation for a shot went. (My favs!)

Me: O my gosh, look at that cave thing up there!
Jourdan: That's cool!
Me: That would be a sweet spot! Think you can climb in there?
Jourdan: I probably could...
Me: Let's try!
Jourdan: o.k.!

We hike up the snowy terrain up to the cliff wall. I cautiously step up to look inside and it's a cave where many fires have been lit. It's smothered in black soot staining the inner walls that are so perfectly 'carved' out in a smooth round. It looked like the inside of a big 'ol ball. Jourdan hops up and looks inside then proceeds to take off her boots, and starts to climb up into it. It takes a little while as the wall is seriously straight up and about 9 or 10 feet up to the opening. It's a good think she started rock climbing the past summer...yup, gorgeous and athletic.

By this time, I'm smiling like a kid in a candy shop 'cuz Jourdan totally rocks! for doing this....never mind that she's in her pantyhose and silk dress, she was bound and determined to get herself up to it. Did I not tell you how amazing and wonderful she is?!

After she got up there, it wasn't enough for me to just shoot her as she was, I proceeded to ask her to pose..."can you stick your foot there? 'bout placing your hand there?....can you move your body back a bit?" I did feel bad, but we decided that after all the effort to get up there, we were going to make it well worth it.

And well worth it? It definitely was! See for yourself.....


snaphappee said...

Zowie! Those shots in the cave are astounding!!

Boybarian Dad said...

These are amazing, both of you did an outstanding job. This set is the best out of all of them.

The cave ones are so original, i still am floored that she had never modeled before and you are just getting going in the photography field.

My hat is off to the both of you, what great artwork. Jen, you definitely will be a force to be reckoned with in the photography world.

B Dad

Cathy Crawley said...

Wowah! Those cave shots rock! What a cool model for getting up there!

kate said...

I love the red scarf! this shoot makes me laugh because it's a classic example of "the photographer made me do it!" we do so many crazy things but they always end up resulting in awesome pictures like these :)

Kare said...

I just today found your blog from Kate L's and seriously had to look through the entire thing! I love your work. I came back to these shots with Jourdan - the second cave shot is to die for, my favourite of all your work. I'll be back again. :-)