The most beautiful Blessings.

More than 4 1/2 years ago, I became pregnant with my daughter. The first thing I felt was worry, shock, and panic. The first thing that came to mind was that I was not ready to be holding a baby, taking care of it, and nurturing it. At the time, having a baby was the LAST thing on my mind. I had just finished off school, graduated, and was ready to take on the world one art project at a time...not have a baby.

Little did I know how big of a blessing this baby would be in my life.

I confided in my mom, friends, and at the time my boyfriend....yes, we got married! :) Everything was brought up from abortion to adoption....and if you read my last post, adoption was a very sensitive area & out of the question. So was abortion. I bucked up and did what all pregnant people did, I took care of myself the best that I could, went to doctors appointments, surrounded myself with people that supported me, watched all the daytime birthing shows (I highly not recommend it, as I freaked myself out), and I prayed a lot.

Our little girl came into the world on August 17, 2004. The BEST day of my life (at the time). I felt an overwhelming love I've never felt before for anyone or anything....and she was bundled up in my arms. This kind of love was and is so deep that I often become overwhelmed by it all. God does such wonderful things.

On March 4th, my brother and sister in law were blessed with their first baby, and I was so honored to document her first days in this world. She is such a big bundle of joy (teeny really). I could feel all the love they had for their new baby, as that love just enveloped the whole house and every part of their being. I am so thankful, joyful, and fell in love all over again as I held her and cuddled her. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of her firsts!

I am a proud new auntie.


Allyson said...

What a beautiful baby, (and mom and dad)!! Remarkable work, I am so inspired by you.

Tyra said...

JEN! Absolutely beautiful work!!!!! You are amazing!

Debbie said...

Those pics are wonderful. Chris and Nikki are so lucky to have had you there to take them.

Keeley said...

Wow, those gave em goosebumps. I love the first one, so intimate!

Carly said...

It kind of makes me sick that you are doing so awesomely. You rock girl!!

Bree said...

Awesome job Jen - as ALWAYS! Love the shots!

Kendra said...

Those are incredible!! I absolutely *heart* the first and 5th ones.

Congrats on being an aunt :)

Boybarian Dad said...

These are gorgeous my friend, what a beautiful baby and beautiful family you have.

I have to tell you, I think this is one of my favorites of yours, job well done. If not my favorite ever.

The production is perfect and your creativity is superb, you are on your way to stardom, watch out Geddes.

I'm fortunate to have you as a friend, if I can learn half of what you know, wow.

Standing oveation!

B Dad

Nina said...

These are absolutely amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one! She is a beautiful baby! GOOD JOB!!!

Cathy Crawley said...

Jen, these are so incredibly beautiful! The last shot is absolutely stunning! You rock!