Welcome to Idaho.

Weather here is so, seriously. One day, it will be 70 degrees and the next day will be blizzarding snow.

The craziest weather I've yet experienced was when I was living in Montana during my college years. It was the middle of summer in the month of June. Beautiful weather, sunny skies, shorts and tank tops were worn by all. The next day, we got dumped on, with about a foot of snow! Streets were closed off for cleaning, as all the branches were torn off the trees and laying in the middle of the streets, schools were closed, and everybody was in shock. Then another amazing thing happened. All the snow melted away by the middle of the day the following day. It was crazy I tell ya'.

We recently went through a similar, but not quite extreme experience here. It was 70 degrees out one day, and the next day, we had a full on snow blizzard....o.k., so maybe it was more like a heavy snow fall. Either way, it was very unpleasant for those of us who are ready for spring.


Boybarian Dad said...

Sounds like the weather here, same thing, near 70 degrees and then below freezing with snow the next. Are you sure we aren't neighbors? :)

Love the pics.

B Dad

Bree said...

HAHAHA! I took similar pics, I'm just too lazy to post. Are you as pissed off as I am about the snow and cold weather?! Argh. I just want spring! Is that so much to ask!?