I {heart} Faces; Fix-it-Fridays.

I am totally and inexplicably a night owl, as I am still up as the new day is starting......enjoying the peace and quiet with the exception of my music playing my eclectic mix of rock, classical, techno, and the occasional country.

So I {heart} Faces just started a chalenge called Fix-it-Fridays, where you can take the photo chosen by them and try to fix it up yourself. I love challenges, and what better way to spend my alone time than to take one on. Go check them out and take on the challenge yourself! It's quite fun.

This is the original photo provided by I {heart} Faces. The first thing I noticed was the color of the background competing with her gorgeous red hair. The picture needed some sort of oomph or punch to it.

This is my version of the photo. Can you notice all the differences? Haven't you ever seen those books with the "what's different?" side by side photos?
Now don't ask me how I did's after midnight and I had a bazillion layers in photoshop all at once. I love this kind of thing, where I can see the results of my work take form....even if my eyes are starting to cross. Thanks for the challenge!


Julie Rivera Photography said...

Very striking processing! I love the crop and the way her eyes and hair jump off the screen. Very nice!

I Heart Faces said...

This was so very different from what everyone else came up with ~ LOVE it!! Her eyes look amazing.

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

Drew said...

I like how you took the color out of the background but it on the model. The result is stunning!

Megan La Rue said...

I just wanted to say that I really love the editting done on this photo... it looks amazing!