Shadow Walkers?

I would really like to know who's reading my blog & viewing my work but staying in the shadows. I know you are out there somewhere....but I'd like to get to know you better, and most importantly, to know that I am not the only one here. :)

I would absolutely love feedback!......which means you have to leave me a comment.....yikes! (Is that scary for some of you?) I know the first time I left a comment for someone, it was a bit unnerving and even scary, but I assure you that I am totally and utterly harmless. Really. For those of you who do leave me comments about my work, "THANK YOU!!" It really means a lot to me to know that my work is actually being seen. I don't want to keep it to myself, but to share it with you all, so feedback is always appreciated :)

This is totally a last minute thought which I plan to execute with this post. I want to know who's reading this. So I've decided that I am going to give away 2 free half hour sessions for the first two people who leave me a comment on this post. You will receive with the session, a cd with your 3 best photos, at 4x6 print resolution to print to your hearts content! ....the catch? The session has to be in or around Idaho Falls, within the month of February, and YOU have to pick the location. Sounds fun, eh? I'm excited!

This may backfire and I won't have any comments, but I'm hoping that won't happen. :) I'm thinking positive. ~Love to you all "shadow walkers"...heehee


Meghan said...

Hi! I found your blog about a month ago and I have been following it ever since. I like looking at other photographer's blogs for beautiful pictures, for inspiration, and to see what the "hot" thing is right now. lol I live in Virginia beach, Virginia. I have been going to a great school for photography since fall of 2007. I will be receiving my be finished in about a year, but I am also going for a graphic design degree.

Anyway, just wanted you know know a little something about your blog stalker. lol I rarely comment because I am looking at many different blogs a day and I am really busy with school, kids, and my husband. Have a good day!!

Keeley said...

Well Jen, I follow your blog regularly and I would love a free session, unfortunately, I no longer live in IF and will not be back "home" until the summer :( Oh well, keep up the awesome work though!

Boybarian Dad said...

I'll comment, I'm not afraid to talk. I'm a huge fan of yours. Your work is very inspiring to me, you capture stories with your images and I just love that. I'm going to continue following you. Are you giving a roundtrip flight to and from Idaho Falls :), if so I'm in LOL.

This picture is precious, please keep them coming.

BTW, your adult entry last week in I Heart Faces was one of my favs, nice job.

B Dad

Tyra said...

Well, I too love your work! :) Thats not a secret anymore, you are definitely a talented and inspirational woman that I am now happy to know! I love how heartfelt and true all your pictures and words are!