Yes, I am a lover of a big way. Actually, I just got done cleaning my fingers of my Cheetos cheezy goodness so I could type. ;) Thanks to my mother for introducing me to them as it is her favorite munchy food. I realize how unhealthy they are for me, but they are so good! I just can't help myself. I especially love how they have plastered on the back of the bag, "made with ALL NATURAL OIL", does that really make me feel better?

maybe a little...

but regardless I would be devouring them anyway, all 160 calories per "about" 21 pieces......which means, I just consumed "about" 13,440 calories in about 30 minutes.....holy crap! no....really?! I better rethink how much to shove in my mouth each time. jeez!

I've passed down this love to my lovely kids, and they too make a dive for them as soon as I open the bag. Except I portion them out into a bowl which looks like "about" 21 pieces...maybe a bit more. I love when little ones eat Cheetos, resultig in neon orange fingers and mouths. Especially my little boy. See for yourself. the post processing turned the orange red, but it's the messiness that I love.

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Megan La Rue said...

There is nothing sweeter than a cheeto face!!!