"Beeping heart"

My little girl is so dang cute and growing and becoming quite the talker...and quite good at expressing herself and emotions. Everything that comes out of her mouth is thoughtfully rendered to the best of her vocabulary. It's so dang cute.

Take for instance, when she wants to convey her racing heart, she says, " heart is beeping!". I don't know where that one came from, but it puts a smile on my face every time I hear her say it. One time I bought some junior mints for her and little man, and she said, "mom! my mouth is frosting!" :)

I love how kids say it like it is. Only if more people talked like that...the world would be a more humorous place.

*thoughts and quotes on little man tomorrow, I am beyond tired and my bum hurts...actually going to go to bed before 2 tonight. {YAWN}*


Bree said...

Ok woman... I LOVE this picture! You're freaking awesome!

Nichole said...

Jen, we met on Monday at the play group, I was there with my son Gavin. Your pictures are absolutley amazing, I love the colors and the creative backgrounds! Your daughter is so gorgeous, I really think she should be modeling for real. Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much i love your pics...I might have to have you take some of Gavin this summer. Nichole

Jen Olsen said...


Nichole-I would love to photograph Gavin! ...I'll let him get to know me a bit better beforehand...I don't want him to frown at me as I'm taking his pic. ;)

Tyra said...

Totally! You are the first to ask, you win! Let me know what works for you and if you have a favorite place in mind. email me!