This kind of love.

The unconditional, unwavering kind. The kind you feel deep down in your soul.

That is the love my husband embraces me in. I love the little things he does for me.
• Opening the car door or any door for that matter as if it was second nature,
• Cooking dinner after a long days work because I just don't feel like doing it,
• Rubbing my nasty calloused feet when we are watching a movie (even when I don't ask him to),
• ...without making any comments on how rough and scaly they feel,
• Getting up with the kids in the morning because he knows I've been up 'til 2 a.m. editing photos or doing something to that nature. Sometimes it's around 3 a.m. (I swear I have an addiction to the computer and the internet),
• ...and having breakfast ready when I wake up,
• Re-attaching my computer keys, because for the 4th time, little man plucked them out one by one while I wasn't looking, (They are like $5 bucks a pop!)
• Putting the kids to bed at night because my bum is glued to the computer chair...and it's his special time with the kids,
• Sticking his hand down the disposal to grab the non-food item I accidentally dropped in because I think it's slimy and gross,
• Telling me "I love you" about 3-4 times a day,
I could go on and on about all the little things he does for me, but then I'd probably bore you to death so I'll spare you the list. I love that he supports me and does anything in his power to help out whenever he can.

Today, I wanted to go check out a spot for pictures and he willingly modeled for me. We had a blast together and vow to do it more often.

*warning: lots of pics following*

**special thanks goes out to Carly Carlson for disclosing this location! Thank you!**


Keeley said...

Love the location!

Tyra said...

Oh my heck! What a cool spot! Where is this?

Jen Olsen said...

It rocks, huh?! It's an abandoned dance studio in Rexburg.

Loves Music, Loves to Dance said...

LOVE IT! You do such great work! Helps to have a gorgeous family to photograph, Jen, they are all beautiful! :o)

Bree said...

Holy crap! LOVE it! Where in Rexburg... if you don't mind?!

Jen Olsen said...

It's on main street...couldn't tell you exactly where, but I think the US Bank is next to it.

Bree said...

I thought so! My friend in college used to live next to it! Thanks!

Carly said...

rockin!! cute hubby too! :) good job jen!

Hailey said...

I know this post is from forever ago, but I just wanted to say how lovely it is that you are so thankful to have such a wonderful man in your life. And what a wonderful man he is, not only does he seem to pamper you and your little ones, but also spends countless hours in front of the camera for you.
This is the type of love that lasts a life time and longer.