Fragments of a young mind.

My rowdiest one. The one in the family who is the dare devil, the fearless, the one I have to keep both my eyes on every second of the day....but he's just sooo dang cute and funny I can't help but smile and laugh sometimes. Other days, my stomach leaps out of my body he scares me so much.

He's speaking in fragmented sentences. If I ask him where his blankie is, he responds with, "I don't know...". One of my favorites, because he has such a look of wonder and quizzicalness (is that a word?). Sometimes, he does the whole, put your hands upright in the air and shrug the shoulders with a slight tilt of the head action.

Another one of my favorites is when he points to the hot sauce at meals and asks, "..that's hot...?", to which I reply, "That's hot, don't touch". Guess what he does. Yup, he touches....and tastes.....then, "hot!"....*shiver/cringe*...."hot!". Grabs for his milk, drinks half, then tastes it again! Our dinner table is quite the comedy show.

I have to say that without our amazing kids, we would lead pretty boring and uneventful lives.

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