Why Hello. Yes I am still here.

Winter. Cold and long. I've been keeping warm within these four walls practically living like a hermit. I adore warmth...maybe a bit too much in my older years, or enough so that I refuse to play outside anymore. My kids tear it up in here and I am right behind them cleaning it all up.

So that's my winter life in a nutshell. Very much looking forward to Spring. Warmth, sun, life.

Today was a stay indoors kind of day with the kids sick and leaking gross bodily fluids out of their nose. I set up my mock studio thinking I was going to take a few shots of them, but to my dismay, all they wanted to do was sit in front of the tube and veg.

So I used myself. I needed a few new images of me so why not? I definitely got my workout running back and forth to the camera. Many shots were taken, many were deleted. I did manage to keep a handful.

Here's me. New look, same girl.



Kelli Bramble said...

Yeah, you are GORGEOUS! Love these pics..would have never even known they were self portraits. Great job.

Allyson said...

You look awesome! Fantastic work!

Bree said...

Yay! Missed your posts. ;)