FloraBond {Idaho Photographer}

I'd like to think of myself as a fashionista....but maybe not in my sweatpants and comfy's. I'd probably pass more for a "shop in the loungewear section" kind of gal, but that doesn't mean I don't know fashion. ;)  I just like to be comfortable while chasing a 2 yo little boy around. I actually studied fashion design straight into my first year of college...then thought better of it. Meaning there was a 99.9% chance I was going to be stuck in a department store in a mall for a long time. I abruptly changed my degree that next year.

I love fashion. I love art. I love original. AND I LOVE that Florabond's home base is in my hometown. Nicole-owner, designer, artist extraordinaire, creates these pieces from real vintage fabrics and jewelry. EVERY piece is original, handmade, and beautiful.  Nationally known, but locally little known, Florabond is an internet based company through Etsy, which is a site that caters to small businesses selling goods made from human hands. It's a storefront. It's a shopping cart. It's a new movement. Their motto:  "Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade." 

I had the privilege of taking some product shots fo
r Florabond. A great location, stunning models, and fantastic was awesome.

We shot 3 different handmade, original necklaces and one hair piece. Amazing stuff. Check it out.

 I know fashion or what! Gotta agree with me on these handmade vintage pieces. Amazingly gorgeous, modern, hip decorations for the female bod. 

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Leserlee said...

I loev Florabond. Maybe part of it is because I love Nicole. She's my neighbor and friend. She has such amazing talent. I think she could do great here in Idaho if more people knew about her. My second favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet she made. My first favorite is my wedding ring.