Morgan Fam {Idaho Photographer}

I love when I just click with someone. In this case, with a whole family. How fun these guys were. They made me feel right at home and treated me as one of them....actually, I think I've been adopted as their Asian kid in their family. This family is so caring, loving, giving, and compassionate about others. They've opened their home and hearts to so many people. I ran into all the extensions to their fam at their cabin, and it was a full house.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Morgan family at their cabin at Palisades. We off roaded in their 4 wheelers and that what they're called??

We climbed steep mountains, walked on snow and mud, froze our fingers and derriers...but it was fun and I believe we got some nice images showing off their family, personalities, and closeness.

I just want to thank you, the Morgan Clan, for allowing me into your lives for a little while and letting me take a glimpse into your lives...although I feel like I've known you forever.

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