Mr. & Mrs. Jensen {Idaho Wedding Photographer}

Young and in love....those are the days, nothing to worry about but being in love with that special someone. I admired the love that was shown between Devin and Sadie. Such tender looks. Kisses shared from these two were filled with so much was all in the eyes and the way they looked at each other.

It always fills my "cup of joy" when I see newlyweds. It takes me to flashbacks of all the amazing times with my husband through our life together thus far, and I feel so much excitement for what our future holds.

It's truly amazing. Marriage. Not just one, but two as one.


Tyra said...

Great pix! I haven't even gotten close to mine yet......I am so behind! Thanks again!

Boybarian Dad said...

What a great looking couple, oh so very young too lol.

These images are fabulous, great work.

B Dad

Mike Roberts said...

Great examples to help remember a special day.