Milestones. {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

Milestones. Significant stage or events in the life of a child...that's what milestones I'm talking about.

A baby's birth. The falling off of the belly button, or rather the "making" of a belly button. A baby's transition to solid foods. Baby's 1st birthday. Baby's first steps. etc., etc.

I remember when my daughter loved to snuggle up in my ribs while I was pregnant with her. ouch. I was laying in bed one night, just getting comfortable when she decided to stretch her little far, I could see the shape of her foot against my overly stretched skin, to which I tried pushing her foot back in and after a few seconds, she receded. Strong little sucker.

The day she was born was one of the happiest days of my life....1. because I finally saw and held my little girl, and 2. It was a huge breather for me after 9 mos. and 2 hours of hard labor.

I remember her first birthday. I had to make egg-less chocolate cake as she was allergic.

On her second birthday, we found out how much she loves corn on the cob. G'ma held it for her, and she devoured.

At age 3. She learned to ride her bike with no training wheels. awesome.

Age 4. Sassiness creeps in.

This year, my little beauty turned 5. FIVE! She's not a toddler anymore. She wants to dress herself. Is very independent. Hold her breath and swim underwater. Does her own hair. Notifies me every time I say a "bad" word. Brings up things said and done 2 years ago. Write. And gives me bigger, longer, more meaningful hugs and kisses.

I'm so proud of her. Her politeness. Her kindness toward others. Her ability to make me laugh at a drop of a hat.

That's right. My baby is not a baby anymore.


Keeley said...

Oh - she is beautiful! And those eyes are to die for!!!

Bree said...

GORGEOUS! What a little model you've got. She is absolutley beautiful! Great job, as usual. ;)

S. Morgan said...

so cute! love the water pics. just a suggestion....lock her in the house NOW. haha