BOOM! {Idaho Photographer}

My very first attempt at capturing some fireworks. Although we had to sit across from the river to watch from afar, they were still pretty. I didn't have a tripod, so most of them turned out a bit more blurry and fuzzy than I wanted.

My kids are so frightened of fireworks. Mainly the loud ones. The minute the noises start, off they go in a blur into the safety of closed doors, and out peeks two sets of eyes through the window. It's quite funny.

These were taken at 1.5-3 sec., f/11, 100 iso....I used my knee, my husbands knee and shoulder, and my still hands to take them. How'd I do?

So our entire show was right over the Best Western Hotel sign...I guess we won't be sitting in that area next time.


Bree said...

Wow! You did awesome... esp for the fact that you didn't have a tri! Sa-weet! (Don't you love taking fireworks shots?)

Tim and Amber said...

I really like the last one! if only that hotel sign wasn't there... :)

Boybarian Dad said...

Gosh maybe best western wants to use that last one as an ad? LOL.