Warmth & Tenderness. {Idaho Photographer}

After my husband and I were married, he told me that he knew he was going to be with me forever when he first saw me. awwwwww....he just knew, truly knew it was going to happen.

Hana was nothing but thankful and excited to have me as her wedding photographer, and I was happy, thankful, and honored that she was as excited as she was.

When I first met Chad and Hana, I got the same feeling...that they were going to make it; to grow old with one another. He was so tender with his touches for Hana, his voice so calm, kind, and sweet, and his smile.....well, it was a true smile showing his love and compassion toward others...especially toward his future wife, who, with her kind eyes, sweet & mellow voice, and such deep love toward Chad was head over heals for him.

I seriously don't think I've met a couple more tender towards one another with so much warmth. I felt their warmth enveloping around me...and I wasn't even touching them :)

Their wedding pics to come...

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