A.J. {Idaho Photographer}

When I think of my little man at 16 years of age, I think of this dude, A.J. Very outgoing, talkative, smart, opinionated, loving, and stubborn. I can relate to his stubbornness and strong opinions as I was very much so just that, when I was 16....and my parents would probably tell you it started when I was 8. :)

A.J., Aubrey Justis, at 16 years old is a sponsored snowboarder in his hometown of Burley, ID. That's pretty dang cool if you ask me. He loves the arts, snowboarding, and American Eagle. American Eagle should pay him to wear their clothes as his entire closet consists of A.E., and is a personal walking billboard for them....and will be a walking billboard for my business in Burley and surrounding areas. I wonder if I can get him to sport some "Jen Olsen Photographics" t-shirts...


Boybarian Dad said...

What a cool shoot. Yea I think he should definitely sport some JO Photographics shirts.

Hey, when do i get my JO photographics shirt? :)

Allyson said...

Very cool! I love these.