Robel {Idaho Photographer}

I carried my purse, he carried my camera bag. We walked, we posed, we took pictures....we wiped the sweat from our backs. I know, yuck.

Robel is an aspiring model, just starting out. He takes part in a dance crew competing with other crew's. He told me to bust a move and I said, "right.......I haven't danced in about 6 years." Mainly, I didn't want to embarass myself in front of him, the passerby's, and God. I'll leave the dancing to the privacy of my living room...with my son and daughter...mostly doing the hoky poky. ;)

He's from the east coast and currently stationed in Montana serving his time in the Air Force. He's got determination I'll tell you that, and a great personality to go along with it. I'm glad to have helped him get a start on his portfolio.

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