Chad & Hana {Idaho Wedding Photographer}

The day of my wedding, we were running around in all chaotic format, like we were hyped up on a little too much caffeine on no sleep. Decorations and setting up for the ceremony were done at the last minute and the actual start time of the wedding was postponed an hour later...this is what happens when you plan a wedding from another state and you have less than a week to find sitting chairs, find a ceremony venue, and decorate. It was about the craziest day of my life. Yup, my life. I really don't like like reminiscing about it, but in the end, my husband and I were married....and all in all, that's what matters most.

Chad and Hana are from Virginia, and their wedding took place in her home state of Montana. They were so calm and relaxed the day of their wedding. They were focused on one thing. Being Together. Not how the venue looked, or how good the food was going to be, but how happy and excited they were going to be later that day when they would finally become husband and wife.

Chad and Hana, I am blessed to have met two of the most kind and genuine people I know. Thank you for sharing in your day with me....allowing me to be right there behind the scenes, and showing sincere kindness towards me.

I am truly Blessed.


Tyra said...

They look like a really tender couple! The airport pix are awesome! Yay for weddings!!!!

Boybarian Dad said...

Great job my friend, i love your wedding shots. Wow those bridesmaids are tall, wowser, lol.

Where are the cowboys though? :)

Great job!
B Dad