Young and Old unite.

Grandparents are always so much "funner" to hang out with than moms and dads....well, at least my kids think so. :) Undivided attention is given to them no matter what, they can get away with anything because grandparents don't like to punish their adorable grand kids, and grandparents will basically do anything with them just because.

Grandchildren and Grandparents have a special bond and relationship that's different than other relationships, don't they? I love watching my kids interacting with my parents or my husbands parents. You can just see all the love they each have towards one another; the way they play, laugh,'s such a beautiful thing.


Cathy Crawley said...

Jen, these photos will mean so much to your children when they are older, Grandparents are a gift to treasure for every child ;) What special moments you have captured!

Boybarian Dad said...

These are beautiful moments you have captured.

Nice work.