Can, john, lavatory, prive, toilet....we just call it potty.

One of the many milestones in a child's life is when they learn to go potty in the toilet...AND it's one of the best things in a parent's life too! No more diapers, no more ant butt...for those of you that don't know what ant butt is, it's when the diaper is so full that it protrudes out and basically looks like an ant's butt. :) So creative, aren't we? heehee. The best part is not having to lug around a pile of diapers and wipes everywhere I go. I have a stash in the car and in my just never know.

My little man decided to go potty on the toilet the other day and go potty, he did! Although it's not a daily habit yet, it's still awesome he took interest...a few times! I know I'm going to pay for posting these pics later in life.....but it's just so dang cute!


Last Forty Percent said...

We're at this point right now - can't wait to get rid of those diapers :)
- bri

todosho said...

oh the horror for this boy. posting a nudie! hahah
how old is he? potty already!?

oh btw. solved your email just now.
surprised your name was not in it. tsk tsk.