When I was a young girl, I always wanted to have blonde, curly hair. I thought it very beautiful and quite obviously the extreme opposite of my dark, dark, straight mane which I absolutely hated at the time.

Growing up, I was the only asian student at school. As a matter of fact, the only asian in my home town, besides my younger siblings. I got looked at, poked at, and made fun of. I desperately wanted to fit in. Blondes were looked at as popular, gorgeous, and all the models I saw on the front of every fashion my best girlfriends. I know, silly, right? But that was my mindframe at 12 years of age. Don't worry, I have fully accepted myself for who I am now and don't plan on going blonde....anytime soon. :) Although I admit I had tried to bleach my hair a few times and the results were horrifyingly orange. Ew. Thank goodness for you guys, 'cuz you don't want to see a blonde asian walking around.

I still love gorgeous blonde look at. The long, flowy kind. But what's even better is finding the beauty of a person inside of the beautiful blonde hair. I got to do just that when Jourdan contacted me about modeling for me. I was blessed to meet such a beautiful person, both inside and out. She has the 'hugest' smile and a great laugh that read into her caring soul. Tons of fun, outgoing, and absolutely a blast to photograph!

Here she is in all her gorgeous beauty...from the depths of her soul to the tips of her beautiful blonde hair!

I have sooo many great shots from this session that I decided to do a few different posts. Check back tomorrow for more!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful--nice to see a model who isn't all boney! Love the ones against the rocks.

Boybarian Dad said...

You both work great together. I love the post production, the detail, colors, composition, and the beauty of the model.

Jen don't let your head get too big here, but OUTSTANDING!

B Dad