The not so good marinade.

The only other place I love to clean more than my humble abode is my humble car. *sarcasm intended* It never fails that some sort of beverage or food get's dismissed onto the floor, or even better, stuffed into the crack between the seat and the backrest, just marinating it's decaying aroma into the fabric and into every crevice in existence.

Under normal circumstances would I attack it with the mighty suction power of the 20 gallon shop vac, but it just so happens that it snowed a couple more inches overnight and there is absolutely no room in our garage to park my car to service it....mainly to stay out of the winter elements. I suppose I could brave it out, suck it up and just do it. But no, I am too much of a sissy to be doing something this unpleasant in the cold and snow. This is where my hubby comes into the story. I sure do love this man.

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Boybarian Dad said...

Such a cute little picture of your son. Yea don't you love it when you find chicken nuggets from about a couple of months ago, the scary part though, the nuggets don't usually look that different lol.

B Dad