My busy-ness.

I'm slacking, I know. I've been busy trying to keep my fingers and toes warm from the harsh weather, the snow and the blistery breezes. brrrr. It's starting to warm up a bit with the occasional pools of melted snow which I happen to step into every time I step foot outside. My stash of nice & clean dry socks are dwindling in numbers yet again. My humble abode is cluttered with every toy in the toy box, crayons from the crayon box, random utensils emptied from my utensil drawer...wisks, spatulas, cheese graters, & measuring cups haphazardly placed all over the living room floor, which leads to twice the load of dishes having to be washed every day. I've definitely been keeping busy. I hope while I've been busy on the inside, mother nature will start to get busy changing the season outside.

I can only hope, right? It is only February.


Boybarian Dad said...

Another nice photo. I hope mother nature gets busy changing the outside as well :).

You don't want to photograph snow, mush and puddles ? :)

Bree said...

Your house sounds like it looks exactly like mine! :)