Dancing stilettos.

I love to dance. Period. Hip hop, ballet, two steppin', team dancin', club dancin'....if I had to choose a different profession, I would totally go into this realm of artistic expression. Did you know that I once was on a university dance team? yup, that's right. I was one of those that shook her booty during halftime of the basketball & football games, struttin' around in those risque outfits that I would be totally embarassed about sportin' these days.

My idol is Janet Jackson. You heard me, Janet. Ever since I could remember, I have always had a personal dream of being one of her back up dancers. Last night, I happened to have the t.v. on at 1 a.m. and Janet popped onto the screen on Tyra Banks late night show. Of course I stopped clicking away on the computer and proceeded to glue my eyes to the television. I was totally diggin' her hair too. Check it out! I still have yet to go to one of her shows, and that's one of my goals in my lifetime....hopefully before I turn old and faded.

I never had the pleasure of taking any formal dance classes while growing up, and I'm kinda jaded by, not really, but a bit bummed. I want my daughter to have that experience, so we enrolled her in a dance class and she loves it! All day, every day, the first thing she does is sport the dance gear and dance around to the music on the tube or the stereo. It's like her life is falling apart before my eyes when I try to force her to put on regular clothes to go somewhere. Drama, drama, drama.


Boybarian Dad said...

Your daughter is so sweet. Good for her to be so excited about dance.

As far as Janet goes, at least you didn't say you idolized the dance moves of Donny Osmond :)

Love the pictures like always.

B Dad

Meghan said...

The middle one is SO cute!

Is that a sheet that you use for the background?

Bree said...

Love these pictures! LOVE them!

Jen Olsen said...

It is a sheet...technically a cover for furniture or a bed...I tacked it down tight so I didn't get too many wrinkles in the photo.

Martelle said...

Very cute. I like the first the best.

snaphappee said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm enjoying reading your blog. I saw your comment on my photo on the Be Inspired Blog, and it led me here. I hope to get to know you as I follow your blog! (BTW, I have a 365 that I update daily, if you're interested.)