What of copying???

I just read a great and inspiring blog post about photographers "stealing" other photographers ideas and photographs per say...it's a must read post so go here and read it.

I believe that, as Me Ra Koh says, all compositions have been done before in photography, and there is no such thing as "stealing" ideas and such from other photographers. We as photographers, want to try new and different things even if it means "copying" others ideas/photographs. In my eyes, they should be flattered that their idea and pictures impacted anothers' eyes that they would apply it to their own photographic ventures. I know that I would be flattered and excited if my work had this type of impact on others.

Anyway, I hope y0u go check out Me Ra Koh and her work. She is an amazing inspiration to me. Thanks to Bree for pointing me to her.

I'm sure this has been done before....yes?

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todosho said...

awesome pic.
lovely colors.

of course it's funny when someone copies you.
but its if they can improve on it, or make it their own...is where the challenge is at.

like my girl. i taught her tricks with the camera. and she's practicing on making it her own.