I've got DOP!

...depth of field that is...I just received my new 50 mm lens yesterday and I'm pleased to announce that I'm very satisfied with it except that I have to manually focus as my camera doesn't have a motor etc. So I practiced focusing manually which I'll have to get used to, but I think I can live with it until I can upgrade my camera. It's got better depth of field than my other lens' with an aperture of 1.8.

Just a few random practice shots...

Barbie even modeled for me!


Bree said...

Don't you just love it!? I am absolutely in love with my 50 mil! It takes such great shots, and I love the amount of bokeh I can get in my pics now. LOVE it!

Keeley said...

Very cool pics. (Sorry, you do not know my but I randomly fell upon your blog). I have always loved the "DOP" pics, but my question is, do you have to have a special lens to do these kind of pics then? I would love to hear from an "expert"!

Jen Olsen said...

Hi Keeley! I can't say that I'm an expert, but I'll give it a go. ;)

You don't need a special lens to show depth of field. Point and shoot cameras now a days have the function of choosing a focal point in a scene. obviously everywhere else not in the focal point would show DOP...but that leads to 3 key factors that lead to how much or extensive the DOP is. 1.Aperture 2.focal length 3.The distance of the subject from the camera.

-this is where a "specialty" lens comes in. If you want a more extensive/dramatic DOP, you would need a lens with a small aperture.

In keeping me from writing a huge, long post, I can direct you to a web page that goes into more detail about this subject. http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/depth-of-field.htm

Hope this helps!

Keeley said...

Thanks so much, I am going to give it a try today! :)