lover of dogs.

I don't remember a day in my childood where there wasn't a family dog around. We always had a pet dog. If one was chosen to be with the other dogs in dog heaven, we'd soon have another picked out and getting accustomed to our home. I'm not saying that we didn't grieve over their deaths. We did, every single one of them.

I remember all the dogs by name from my childhood, all labradors.

(1) Mitsy, and she had 12 puppies. All sold, but one. Mitsy loved chasing cars and went to dog heaven doing what she loved. We decided to keep one we called

(2)Pansy. Then we decided to add another addition with an older labrador named

(3)Spike because he had a spike going down his nose from the middle of his eyes. They were bad for each other and ran away from home too much. We let Pansy go. Spike got run over by a truck trailer laying under the tires on a hot summer day. Then came

(4)Max. He befriended our cat, canoe and they became best of friends. Canoe would rub and massage Max's back while he was resting. I developed an allergy to cats and we had to let her go, but I don't remember who we gave her too...? Max had seizures (I think I mentioned this in a nother post) and it got to the point where we had to put him down. After our aweful luck with laboradors...we decided to try out a different kind of dog. This is where the present dog,

(5)Koko comes in. She still lives! happily with my mom.

I just hope we don't have to go through too many with my kids. It's so devestating for kids to experience a death of a pet. We still have yet to get our first, but it will be a very exciting moment for the kids as well as me.

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