It's cold what do you do when you have 2 kids who have cabin fever??

You take them somewhere warm, preferrable indoors, and has a place just for kids! The LIBRARY!
It's about time we went back's been awhile.

Here, where it's cold and most of the year is winter (so it seems), we have to get pretty darn creative in what activities to do...not that going to the library is creative at all, it isn't. There is a limited amount of activities to do here in winterland...

1. Go to the mall-but you can only go so much and your wallet starts to diminish in size.
2. Hang out at Walmart-really?!
3. Hang out at Target-grab a popcorn and soda combo, browse around at the clearance racks. A bit better than Walmart, but it's a store where you are tempted to yet again, buy stuff.
4. Last, Go to the Library-this way, the kids can have fun reading books, playing on the computers, and I can also browse the many books and resources. AND, you aren't forced into buying anything, thus keeping the bank happy.

Our library has a cool atrium smack in the middle of the 2 story library with a big 'ol window above it, (lot's of natural light!) and a fish pond with lots of Koi fish. The kids love! fact, so much that my little man almost fell in today. He's seriously keeping me on my toes all the time.

If you are interested in pictures, but aren't too thrilled about being outside, here's a great place! The library, who would've thought.

This place was actually pointed out by someone interested in a session with me. If you are reading this, I just wanted to let you know that I have tried contacting you and can't seem to get through on the phone or email for that if you are still interested, Please contact me with the best way to reach you! I would love to meet with you. :)


Bree said...

Who would have thought that one could get such awesome shots at the library of all places! Love it!

Jessica Griffin said...

I have three children, three and under, I know a thing or two about cabin fever and sympathize with you! I love the shots of the kids with their reflection in the puddle! I especially love the one of just your son in the puddle. It's crystal clear! Gorgeous!