I am thankful.

I received a call today from a very good friend of mine who asked, "Is it your", to which I replied, "...what's the date today?..."

I realize that this month is my birthday month, but haven't kept track of the days. When my friend called me, all I could think about was the things I was thankful for...not the things that I wanted, although I already received a couple gifts earlier this month. :)

I know that it's not custom to do a 'thankful post' when it's not Thanksgiving, but I've realized in my latter years of my 20's that being thankful is more gratifying than being 'wantful'. It puts my heart in a happy place per say. :)

29 things I am thankful for. *since I will officially be the 'ripe' age of 29*
1. My savior Jesus Christ and all that he's blessed in my life,
2. My husband who is very supportive, loving, and shows true concern for others,
3. My daughter's laugh, love, hugs, and kisses,
4. My son's entertaining ways, hugs, and kisses, and keeping me on my toes,
5. Being raised by parents who knew how to work hard,
6. Living in this country where anything is possible,
7. Flavored coffee, because I live on it,
8. Sunshine; I despise being cold,
9. Flip flops, even when there's snow on the ground,
10. Sushi; I eat it religiously,
11. My girlfriends whom I can call to rant or praise about anything with,
12. My car; I survived about 5 years without it and it was a hassle,
13. My soon to be niece! in March!
14. Almost being 30, maybe people will stop thinking I'm 10 years younger than I am,
15. Redbox; I love renting movies for $1!
16. Warm sheets fresh from the dryer...mmmm,
17. Padded chairs; this one I'm sitting on is not padded,
18. Internet. enough said,
19. Tax exemptions! we still have yet to see our accountant,
20. Getting a phone call just to say hi!
21. The ones who enjoy looking at my blog to come back again,
22. Comments! about my work, (if you read my blog, don't be afraid to leave a comment! It
always brings a smile to my face),
23. My new glasses and contacts; little man broke my last pair and dumped my last set of
contacts who knows where,
24. Being able to go and read books for free at Barnes and Noble, while sipping on a,
25. Latte! unflavored/unsweetened,
26. My shoe & bag collection, to which I will add,
27. Goldfish crackers and juice to quiet the kids at the store,
28. Push up's the next best thing to reconstructive surgery,
29. My air freshner, 'cuz something smellllls in my car.
There you have it, 29 of the many things I am thankful for on this day I turn 29.


Alicia Caine Photography said...

Happy Early Birthday! :) I am so happy that we reconnected- it's awesome to see what God has done in your life!!!

Bree said...

Happy Birthday!

Tyra said...

Happy Birthday and I love the new design! My birthday is this weekend also!!!!

{A}nnie said...

Hey jen---THANK YOU for your comment on my blog....your tooooo sweet! can I just say I love your layout ---its so different! I like it ALOT!!!
your kids are darling BTW!

abbey said...

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the compliment on me ra's blog!!! I really appreciate it!!
Love your blog and your photos!!!
Oh my gosh your photos are fabulous!!!! I am inspired for sure!!

Nichole said...

Hi Jen...odd question for you make your own sushi rolls? I read that you love sushi and i do too. I have been wanting to learn how to make the rolls that i love from Blue Hashi. I absolutley love your photos...i am really going to have you take some of my son once the weather is nice.