Meet munchin 1 & munchkin 2

Since most of my photos are of my kids, I thought I'd introduce them.

I never would have thought I'd be so blessed with two children who are smart, sweet, funny, and so alive! They are great blessings to me and I can't imagine my life without them....even through the rough times of whininess and tantrums. ;)

This is my sweet little 4 year old. She is a full on girly girl but loves to get dirty playing in the mud. She is a hard one to capture on camera as she's getting tired of me photographing her. Sometimes I have to bribe her to not disappear when I pull out my camera.

This is my very hyper, rambunctious, happy 22 month old. He loves to climb and jump on his sister, pull her hair, and give her sweet kisses. He is so full of life, but when he's upset it's rather hard to handle.

These pictures were taken with my point and shoot Olympus. They turned out pretty darn good. It goes to show how good point and shoot cameras are these days. Shortly thereafter, I purchased a dslr (a Nikon d60 to be exact) and lovin' I'm ready for the d300 and more lens!

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