goodbye 2008

It was a great year. My health stayed in good shape, I saw family and relatives to end the year, and the Lord opened my eyes to my passion for photography. I finally feel like I am going to go somewhere with my life and career, something that I will always cherish and have passion and drive for. It's as if I was finally pulled out of the water and into the world to do great things. It's my time to make a difference and partake in the joy of life.

As the new year begins, I vow (to myselft) to become the photographer I want to be, to learn and suck in as much as possible in the realm of photography, and to start off my career finding random people to photograph. I feel a bit nervous just going up to complete strangers and asking to photograph them...but that's another thing I want to become better at. Marketing myself with confidence and poise. Which leads me to my need to design my business cards asap!

I hope 2009 brings you all great joy, blessings, and accomplishments! I'm ready to dive in head first, are you?

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