THREE. {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

February 20th, 2007.

I was scared to death that day. Scared because I was being carted up to the maternity ward in the hospital, scared of the memories of my first labor. The exhaustion, mental and physical, and the pain endured afterward. Ya, probably not the best topic to discuss to the world, but I just want to say that this time, it was a breeze. None of this pushing for 2 hours and talk of forceps to get the baby out. 15 min. of pushing, and voila! A healthy baby boy.

These days, my little man has made up for having such an easy, uncomplicated labor. He is very quick to tell me, "no!" or run a muck breaking things...essentially, he's a typical "boy" who keeps me on my toes and definitely has made me learn the importance of patience.

But I sure do love him, and wouldn't change him for the world.


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Bree said...

Jen! Missing looking at your amazing work! Anything new you got cooking?