Childs Play. {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

What is it about makeup that attracts children so much? Is it the vivid colors? or maybe the fact that they are not allowed to wear it. Maybe there's a mysteriousness about it children are drawn toward, and we, as adults, are totally clueless about.

There have been a couple days these past few weeks, where I had to erase the purple eye shadow off of my daughters eyes as we walk out the door heading for school. "But mom! It's pretty!" I laugh without stopping my vigorous rubbing and tell her she can put it back on after the school day is over. I agree with her about it being pretty, but I'm quite fond of her natural look for now. Those pretty eyes, bare of any foreign substance are angelic to me and I'd like to keep them that way, as long as I can.

The other day, I decided that it would be fun to put some makeup on her and do a mini shoot. She was not happy with me at all, but it made for great emotion that conveyed not your regular happy go lucky childrens portraits. This was 15 minutes of pure anger....such powerful emotion portrayed through the eyes of a 5 year old.

But oh so beautiful in its own way....

I LOVE that I have a little boy. He's such a......boy, but so creative. He enjoys climbing, jumping, throwing rocks, playing in dirt, playing with his sisters' princess dresses, fingernail polish, and having makeup on. It's the artistic side of him playing an important role in his development. One day, he will stop playing dress up and wearing makeup, so I will enjoy this stage. I will help him dress up in tutus and I will help him put pretty purple eye shadow on his eyes, and pink nail polish on his fingers.

Little man took part in my mini shoot. 5 min. later, we were done.


S. Morgan said...

love em! so funny how much they want makeup until you tell them your will put some on. hahah

Tim and Amber said...

one word...awesome!