Happy 7th miss M! {Idaho Childrens Photographer}

She was the cutest, roly poly 2 year old with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. My favorite word coming out of her mouth was, "dedicious", the cutest translation of "delicious" I've ever heard. I loved watching her as she would eat chocolate pudding and half of it would be smeared all over her cute button nose and up to her forhead into her hair. Her fingers were so tiny they'd only wrap around my index and middle finger. She loved running around in princess dresses and heels too big for her. Her squeals of laughter would make anyone bust out in a huge grin.

It's now 5 years later, on this day, little miss "M", my niece, was blessed into this world....into loving arms.

Now that she's 7, she can wrap her arms all the way around me and give me the hugest hug ever. *smile* I am so lucky to be able to know this little girl and see her come so far and grow into such a lovey little thing.

Happy Birthday little miss "M"!! I Love you!

I crack up laughing every time I see these last two photos. We were taking pics by the creek, and while she was coming to join me in the creek, she slipped and fell on the muddy bank. As she was falling, she flipped around to catch herself, but ended up face first into the mud. I don't know where her hands went, but they didn't cushion her face from the muddy bank. Not only did this happen once, or twice......but 5 times! Talk about a good sport. She didn't know whether she wanted to cry, but she ended up joining me in my uncontrollable rolling laughter.

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Boybarian Dad said...

this is a fun series. Her expressions are great, I love it. And the mud pic at the end, how awesome, I think she could keep up with the boys :).

Happy Memorial Day my friend,
B Dad