The face of a hard workin' man {Idaho Lifestyle Photographer}

I love me a hard working man. Specifically, my man. :) kids love him too. I've been horribly sick the past week, so what does he do for me? Well, let's say I don't see the light of day until 9 or 10...ahhhh, that's the sound of me getting better. And Maybe, just maybe, I'll be more present on this blog as now I don't have a pile of tissues sitting next to me while sipping on some green tea looking like a zombie.


Bree said...

Glad your husband is letting you rest up - what a sweetie. Hope you feel better soon!

Boybarian Dad said...

Hope you're feeling better, I was wondering where you were my friend.

Is that Schlitz he's drinking? ROFLAO

B Dad

Boybarian Dad said...

It's me again. Hope your feeling better so I can see some new pics :).

I love the site, it looks great, fab job my friend.

B Dad

Tyra said...

Loving the new look! Get feeling better~