Stained memories. {Southeast Idaho Photographer}

There is one favorite outfit little miss likes to wear ALL THE TIME. It used to be a pair of purple sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt, then it was a long sleeved fushia shirt with buttons and ruffles up the front. These were worn every day with or without dirt and food stains. Currently, we are on a polka dot kick. It's such a cute little outfit, but I'm pretty sure I will get tired of seeing it every day.

These are the pics that I will look back on and remember how stinkin' cute she was wearing them...but, for now, I'll just roll my eyes and smile. Stains or no stains.


Boybarian Dad said...

Those are precious Jen.

Aren't ya loving the weather?

B Dad

Allyson said...


Tyra said...

she really is too cute!