Deep Rooted Memories. | Southeast Idaho Children's Photographer

The bonds of friendship and love are so important to me. Especially that which is held between siblings. Although 99.99% of all siblings at one point or another go through a phase of despising each other, they always end up being the best of friends in the end...the one's that are beside them through growing up, catching each others' sicknesses, sitting with each other long after dinner is over with a pile of brussel sprouts on their plates just waiting to be choked down. The everyday life of learning, playing, laughing, crying, whining, and growing up is done with siblings.

The bond between siblings is deeply rooted from day one. The one you can talk to about anything because they know you. Truly know you. Your best friend forever.

I love watching and experiencing my little ones play and grow together. I often wonder what my childhood with my brother was like before we were adopted. Did we give each other hugs and kisses every day like my kids do? Did we fight? Did we laugh together? Cry together? Sit at the dinner table together staring at our pile of brussel sprouts? I don't know. All I know is that we had only a handful of pictures brought with us to the United States, and most of them were from our time spent at the pictures of us playing together, laughing together, or crying together.

I am so blessed to be able to capture the simple moments of my kids growing up. It will be through these photographs that they will again relive and know that they went through everything together, and to be able to see what their childhood looked like.

These are the pictures that will be on top of the list of priceless things in life, the things that will mean the most to us as we get old.


Bree said...

LOVE both shots. Excellent, as usual!

Boybarian Dad said...

What sweet siblings, I love it. They will definitely be best friends.

Oh, when are you guys planning on #3?, it has to be soon right? :)