Once upon a time....far, far, away...nah, just kiddin'. But seriously, I met up with a friend I haven't seen in ages. We went to school together during our middle school years and she moved away. 15 years later...give or take a year. We caught up on life, love, and all that other stuff. :)

One thing I learned about her was she DOES NOT like to get her fingers the literal sense. She makes my daughters' phobia for clean fingers puny. We chit chatted, girl talked, laughed, got emotional, and rented a movie to watch. We made popcorn to munch on during our show and got ourselves comfortable with our bowls of fatty, buttery popcorn in hand. Then she busted out her fork. Have you ever seen anyone eat popcorn with a fork??? I've never laughed so hard in a while, and she joined in. That's the best part of her...she sees the humor in all things and am comfortable with herself to laugh with me. The plus side of her phobia is that you'll never have to worry about dirty truffles. Khris is in the process of starting up her truffles & goodies business, and very good at it!

I'd forgotten how outgoing and friendly she is with everyone she meets and sees. She truly is a loving soul. Khris, thanks for reminding me that life is better with laughter, shared with friends!

Yummy, scrumptious lighting.

And here's a couple of her funny and fun side!

To think she was worried about how these turned out....well "Khris-no more worrying! You look fantastic!"


Allyson said...

OMG she is gorgeous. I think I love the very last photo the most. She seems most comfortable in that picture.

BTW, I need a link to her, truffles are my kryptonite!! OH HOW I LOVE TRUFFLES!!!

Jen Olsen said...

I will let everyone know once she's up and running!

Boybarian Dad said...

Jen, Nice work like always. They turned out very well. I'm always amazed on how willing your models are willing to pose in little to nothing in the freezing cold and have the pics turn out gorgeous. I really think you should market yourself more at the boudoir style, you have it down.

That is so funny about the fork with popcorn, lol. You should have gotten a pic of that :)

B Dad

Jamestown said...

Great shots!!! who is the model? my future ex girlfriend!!! nice boots!! you have a grat eye for photography you should come to san diego and expolre your work!!