Fun & Inspiration.

I'm back...finally. I've had a busy week driving all over the country...well, not all over, but about 1500 miles all over. My first venture was to Photocamp Utah in Provo, Utah. It was awesome. I was inspired, uplifted, and educated all in 8 hours of sitting on my rump, and very sore indeed. It was so awesome to see and hear from the photographers I follow on a regular basis and have now acquired more blog addresses of photographers I am excited to add to my list.

Photocamp Utah
was put together by the network of local photographers in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, basically free of charge. They poured their sweat and passion to reach out and share their knowledge with as many people as they could, and for that, I am very thankful. Utah has such a great photographer's network/group. They all share, enjoy, and feed off of each other freely and unconditionally. It kind of makes me want to move there just for that boost of inspiration you get by just being around them. Amazing group of photographers and people. I would highly suggest anyone who can attend next year to do it.

Although I brought my camera to this event, I was too inspired and focused on everything going on around me that I just didn't think about pulling it out. But I did get one of Tyra in one of the workshops.

I got to enjoy the camp with Tyra, and her mom came all the way from Washington to attend. It was nice to go to such a big event with familiar faces.

*photo courtesy of Bryce, of Moments by Tyra Photography*

On our trip back to home, we had a nice chit chat with a cop...well, my husband did.

......or, not.

I attempted to get a pic of the cop talking to my husband, but he kinda' jetted out as in a hurry as soon as he saw the camera. Boo.

It made for an interesting drive. I got to brag about not having one single speeding ticket while my husband acquired 3 in the last couple years. :) ...who said men were better drivers?


Tyra said...

Oh, I am so NOT a fan of that picture! Not the picture, but me!!!!!!

I am laughing that you took pictures of your husband talking to the cop!!! SO funny!
Can't wait to see your photoshoots!

Boybarian Dad said...

Yay you are alive, :).

It sounds like you had fun, i'm jealous. Watch it about men being better drivers then women, ha, we are. Your hubby is just trying to help our federal defecit, this way they don't have to print as much money. :)

B Dad