What we do for relaxation.

I love to just relax, take a breather. Doesn't anybody?

My form of relaxation is getting out my crochet hooks and some yarn, reading a good book while laying back in the recliner, taking a long drive to nowhere in absence of passengers with my music blaring out my thoughts and worries.

But my most favorite thing is taking a really HOT shower. So hot it almost scalds my skin. I love stepping out with wrinkled fingers and toes and to the steam filling the bathroom where you can barely see the door. Most people would say they love taking a hot bath, but I don't find soaking in your yummy goodness from the days activities very appealing. Ew. I've never liked baths, and I don't really find swimming in a public pool all that attractive either. Give me an ocean or lake and I won't hestitate to jump in, but baths and pools....I do it for my kids.

My hubs was soaking in an aromatherapy bath to relax and soak his muscles and I thought it was quite funny and contradictory to his time of relaxation and rest. I mean how is it possible to relax when you are in a tub that's half the size you are.....I just don't get it. See for yourself. *excuse the sexy legs, as they are a vital part of the photos* :)


Keeley said...

That is great! :) Love it-

Tyra said...

These pics make me laugh........images of my own hubby come to mind, but he would KILL me If I showed the world such photos! What a great sport yours is! So funny!

The Crook Family said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I love it. You take great photos! I was wondering what template you are using for your background. I love how WIDE it is. I hate only being able to put a few words across and only little pictures. Thanks. Kira

Boybarian Dad said...

That is pretty stinkin funny, lol.

I like the idea of driving somewhere with my music blaring, that's a great one.

B Dad

Meghan Justice said...

Great pics!

If you would like to check out my blog here is is

I still need to put up a banner, otherwise it's pretty much done.