Pronounced, "Teer-ra", not Tyra as in the ex-supermodel. Oops...messed that one up. I'm pretty sure she's used to the mispronounciation. Beautiful name nonetheless. :)

Tyra is a fellow photographer here and we got together one early morning for a reciprical photo shoot...does that make sense?....we got together to photograph each other. As usual, I was the late one to our meeting place..and I was the one who suggested we meet there at that time...sometimes I wonder about myself. I did have an excuse, kinda. I needed my morning coffee, so I had to stop. Not the best excuse, but it is what it is.

Anyway, we had fun freezing our fingers and toes while we walked around scouting for different places. This was after our original plan came to a screaching halt with a sign that read, "Photographers, you will be charged with trespassing if you enter"...or something to that effect. Tyra brought an awesome chair (not a kitchen chair, a nice sitting chair...with padding), and packed that thing all the way to the place, on pure ice and snow, in killer boots (loved them), with no traction...only to have to turn around and carry the chair back to the car. Let's just say, we were a bit bummed with the situation. Nevertheless, we ended up finding some great locations, and some great shots!

Check out the shots she got of me on her site, Moments by Tyra...rockin'!

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Moments said...

you are awesome! I had a blast and we for sure need to get together again! You have RAW skills........seriously!!!!